Type 55 Roadster


Rediscover the legendary Type 55 Roadster declination.

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Xavier de La Chapelle fell in love with the Bugatti Type 55 when he first saw it, originally designed by Jean, son of Ettore. This is the origin of the fabulous Roadster, each example of which bears a unique number.


Firmly supported in your Connolly leather seat, you are in total command of the controls, the short, precise gear stick, the 4-spoke hickory steering wheel, the ivory dials enshrined in the veneered dashboard.


The BMW engine roars, the rev-counter needle leaps, the sensation of speed intensifies with the six wild cylinders driving the charge.


Equipped with racing car suspension, the Roadster hugs the road, effortlessly swooping through bend after bend. You feel all the intense sensations of the vintage roadsters. In the open cockpit, spurred on by speed, the air becomes palpable. The Type 55 brings the spirited thoroughbreds of Molsheim back to life.