Bringing up to date a 1930's fashion to satisfy the tastes of today,
De La Chapelle have, since 1979, been creating a rather different toy.

The Junior Classic's range 30 years of Juniors Special versions

These superb reproductions are entirely hand built and crafted to the standards of quality on which the reputation of the marque has been founded.

There still exists in France small, traditional workshops which take pleasure in dedicated craftmanship, as was the case at the turn of the century, to provide our young apprentice drivers with the maximum of pleasure. Driving at low and safe speed, their sensations are as intense as those felt by their elders at the wheel of the original model.

Should we speak of toys or of real automobiles ?
Four-stroke engines with accelerator, brakes, headlights, indicators - everything works perfectly. If you wish for full carpeting, tradition Gal leather upholstery, two-tone lacquered paint, hand-polished wheels, woodrim steering wheel - no detail has been overlooked.

Precious articles, the De La Chapelle Juniors are built with devotion and each example is numbered. They are beautifully decorative and real collectors' items. Knowledgable collectors, Emirs or enthusiasts, many have quickly understood and a certain number of them have built up veritable stables of these little bolides.

These models are also the answer to many a marketing manager's dreams. To create customer interest, placing a De La Chapelle Junior in your showroom has become an essential attraction. Even main dealers have not been slow in using these marvellous replicas to put a sparkle into their showrooms.

So many adult enthusiasts dreamed of such things during their childhood !