Atalante V8

The new serie 6

More powerful, more spacious, still as unique as ever.


SINCE 1901

our values

La Création | De La Chapelle

Atalante V8 – THE NEW SERIES 6


The new series 6 –  Atalante V8  is an elegant coupé with a style inspired by the timeless works of art of the Golden Age of French Automobiles
and adapted to today’s driving conditions.

7 cars will be manufactured on request.

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Vertical grille like the bow of a ship, long hood covering a powerful and high torque engine, sweeping wings evoking the caress of the wind and housing the latest generation high-performance Michelin tyres.

The cabin is a delight to flatters the senses and offers increased volume for greater on board comfort.

Technical characteristics

V8 – 6.2l – Euro 6

All Aluminium block

Power: 461 hp

Torque: 617 Nm

automatic transmission

manual transmission

De La Chapelle Atalante V8 bloc aluminium 6.2l Euro 6


Length: 4650 mm

Width: 1920 mm

Height: 1340 mm

Weight: 1350 kgs

18′ forged
aluminium wheels


La Création | De La Chapelle

Today, stop the frantic race of time: highlight your personal story by signing your own creation.
At De La Chapelle, material and manner are at your service.

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As an example, we will regularly explore the theme of the “famous roads” to illustrate the creative opportunities allowed by: 

La Création | De La Chapelle

Atalante V8 – information request :  

The new series 6 –  Atalante V8 aims to be available in 2023.

7 cars will be manufactured on request.

The delivery time would be 16 to 18 months .

Please fill out your informations in the form below in order to obtain by email some additional informations.


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    Since 1901, our history :

    Guy and Carl, the de La Chapelle brothers

    1896 – 1900

    Owners of a vineyard in Burgundy, the brothers Guy and Carl de La Chapelle acquire a Mors 5hp in 1896 and this Rochet-Schneider in 1900.


    The two brothers create the marque DE LA CHAPELLE – STIMULA to produce motorcycles and Tricars.

    1901 – 1907

    STIMULA motorcycles are sold throughout Europe.



    The two brothers move on to automobiles with their cousins Neyrand, blacksmiths in the Loire region of France. The shape of the grill symbolizes an imposing “hill climb”, a difficult test at the time, and embodies the image of the reliability of the marque.



    1907 – 1923

    De La Chapelle is a true manufacturer that designs and manufactures its own engines, highly appreciated for their endurance and reliability.


    Paris is conquered by the advantages of the brand’s light and robust cars. An agency is opened in the Capital.



    1907 – 1914

    The racing driver Rivière won many competitions.

    1914 – 1923

    First World War. The two brothers are mobilized. Carl, the engineer, was gassed on the battlefront and returned in very poor health. The company did not recover and was closed in 1923.


    A few decades later …

    Guy and Carl’s passion for automobiles is inherited by their great-nephew, Xavier. In 1976, he decides to relaunch the family brand at the age of 26.


    Xavier de La Chapelle

    Official recognition

    In 1984,  the “Messier-Hispano-Bugatti” company authorized Xavier de La Chapelle to mount the BUGATTI badge on the grille of his 55 Type for having preserved the spirit of the vintage models (before the brand was finally bought a few years later by Romano ARTIOLI to produce the EB110).

    1978 De La Chapelle 55 Type Roadster – Series 1 to 4

    Version with BMW 6-cylinder engine (with Alpina or Schnitzer modifications).

    1978 De La Chapelle 55 type junior

    6/10th scale version for young drivers. It is also exhibited in museums or automobile showrooms, and participates in prestigious events such as Le Mans Classic (Little Big Mans).


    1986 De La Chapelle 55 type Tourer – series 4

    Four-seater version, resulting from the request of customers wishing to share their passion with their family.

    1990 De La Chapelle 55 type Grand Prix – Series 4

    Sleek and lightweight version, intended for competition use.

    1992 De La Chapelle 57S TYPE Atalante – Series 5

    Closed or open-top version, with a more statutory style.
    It represents the culmination of all De La Chapelle models equipped with the BMW 6-cylinder (15 years of continuous development), and was the inspiration for the creation of the brand new Atalante V8 6 Series, currently in the final phase of development.


    1989 – 1992 VENTURI

    1989 – 1992 VENTURI Xavier de La Chapelle runs the French sports car manufacturer.

    1990 PARCOURS

    At the Paris Motor Show, Xavier de La Chapelle presents a range of innovative ( Parcours monospace limousine), timeless (Type 55) and sporty (Venturi 260) automobiles.

    1996 ROADSTER

    Xavier de La Chapelle unveils the first sports car to be manufactured in India. The sudden disappearance of his Indian partner stops the construction of the factory in Bombay.

    1998 – 2013 DLC Engineering

    In parallel with the production of his own models, Xavier de La Chapelle ensures the development of various projects (e.g. PGO BR500).

    2014 – 2019 NAVYA

    Xavier de La Chapelle focuses on electric mobility as Project Architect for the development of a 100% autonomous shuttle.

    Our values

    For a family deeply rooted in its heritage, accustomed to the time necessary to nurture the vine and develop the wine,
    verything is designed to last, to be shared, and ultimately provide the utmost satisfaction.


    The image of the “hill to climb” on the design of our grille: a symbol of reliability at the beginning of the last century

    Tour de France 1912: the De La Chapelle – 5th – received no penalty for mechanical intervention thanks to its optimized cooling, its innovative simplified maintenance, and the lightness of its chassis made of very high quality steel produced locally for the armament industry.

    This image proves it!

    “STIMULA cars are robust!” certainly… but from there to derailing a train!!?

    “Quo Non Ascendam ? ”

    “How far will I not go?” Motto of Fouquet (1615-1680): illustration of the brochure of 1911 evoking the “hill to climb”.

    The 115th anniversary of number 19.

    Chassis n°253 is still on the road in the hands of a French collector.

    Today, more than ever, progress is about lasting.

    By adopting a timeless style, Xavier de La Chapelle adheres to the eternal value of his cars, far from the whims of fashion.

    A visible and assumed modernity.

    Like the first drivers of the marque, they also enthusiastically climb all the highest mountain roads with their 55 Type during unforgettable Rallies.



    Leave the danger behind.

    A century ago , De La Chapelle already privileged good lighting, good traction, power and excellent braking.

    Satisfy the requests of each customer.

    A simply stapled note responds to the wishes of a customer in 1903.

    A look, an inimitable profile.

    Modern, reliable, easy to maintain with its engine and contemporary equipment, a De La Chapelle retains a unique profile, subtly adapted for virtually everyday use.

    Improved life on board.

    A vintage 55 Type Roadster was lower, without doors, with a more cramped interior and trunk. The current De La Chapelle version is more spacious, with easier access thanks to the addition of doors … but the inimitable ambience is retained.



    Gastronomy: symbol of the French art de vivre : Paul Bocuse promoted hospitality, talent and passion for exceptional food as does Xavier de La Chapelle in the creation of his automobiles.

    Extraordinary encounters

    An unforgettable moment for all the members of the De La Chapelle Club when the Dassault Aviation test pilot unites, on the occasion of a Rally, his Rafale and his 55 Type Roadster.


    How to share with the family the pleasure of driving a De La Chapelle.

    Together, we win.

    For this team of enthusiasts, united in the effort of the race, the victory is even more beautiful.

    Since 1985

    its members have shared their passion for the automobile with the public they met during their many rallies in France or abroad.

    There is no distance between us.

    Manufactured with passion in France, they also are driven in the land of the Rising Sun, on the other side of our unique and fragile world.


    ( not produced anymore )


    Scale 6/10th


    6 Cylindres


    6 Cylindres


    6 Cylindres


    6 Cylindres

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